Monday, April 5, 2010


This year, Easter was the same weekend as General Conference. So the week before, Kyle wore his new suit (unfortunately, during the first wear, Evan got Desitin on the bum of the pants and it won't come out, so I think they might be ruined. Any good advice to get white cream out of linen would be appreciated. I am really worried that it bleached out the linen, but it is only bum cream, so is that possible?)

He can also get himself on and off of the rocking horse that Evan's grandpa Armond made for Evan when he was two.

At Evan's work, there was an Easter egg hunt on Thursday. Because of the snow and rain we've been having, they had to spread the $300 worth of candy and eggs inside. But no one seemed to mind. Except that it was so stinkin' hot in that building. Look at the one really red check.
They had two different age groups go to two different areas, usually there are more older kids, so there was more candy and eggs over there. Well, this year, more little kids showed up. Kyle was really slow and was mostly preoccupied with picking up the cotton ball trail. Since, I was trying to be a good adult and not run ahead of my child and find eggs and "good" candy. We didn't get any eggs and had mostly dum-dums and gum at the end. At one point, I watched Kyle pick up twelve dum-dums one at a time. So no good candy for us.

We sat with the Easter bunny and threw a fit, which started a second later.

Evan works on Saturdays and then had Priesthood Conference and wasn't home all day. Sunday we spend with Evan's parents. So naturally, we had family Easter at our house on Friday night. We got Kyle ready and did a little Easter egg hunt. My family tradition is sugared cereal in the eggs and since that works well with the fact that we still have no molars, we did that. He was excited to get started.

If you look closely, there is one egg in each hand.

He wanted to stop, open each egg, and eat all the contents before moving on to another.

Then we did baskets and my mom sent us a spectacular package with lots of goodies and presents.

Kyle's big present from us was a basketball hoop. He can't reach it. But with the help of my mom, we figured out that we can push it up to the coffee table, put his ride on Tonka truck next to the coffee table, then he uses the truck like a stool and gets on the table to make his own baskets. Plus, with the exertion it takes to go up and down, it makes for a good work out.

I'm throwing this in here, so that hopefully no one sees it. Evan took one at 25 weeks, but I had to delete it. This is 26 weeks pregnant with Aiden Dillon Young.



you look so beautiful! weird to think we're going to be families of 4 soon! hope you're feeling well! that maternity shirt is gorgeous...

Mallory said...

Such a cute pregnant lady you make! Happy Easter!!! Looks like you all had a blast!

Teresa said...

I can't believe how grown up Kyle looks- especially in that first picture on the horse. We can't wait to see you guys.

Briana said...

YAY! pregnancy photos :)