Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Chance Encounter

A lot of our friends and family don't know how Evan and I met. So if you've heard the story, then forgive me.

In April of 2004, I moved into an apartment complex in Provo, Utah called Miller. My best friend, Ekitzel, came to visit me and said that she had another friend who lived there. Ekitzel took me to meet her friend--Evan. We all hung out for a couple of months. I'd see him at Ekitzel's apartment; it was the summer that both Evan and I kept popsicles in her freezer because ours were too crowded with five roommates. Things were good, then I realized that he liked me and a discussion with Ekitzel confirmed it. That thought frightened me and so I became distant and short with him. We didn't see much more of each other that summer. Then I went to study abroad in China and while I was gone he moved out of Miller and eventually up to Salt Lake City.

In the next three years, I would periodically hear about what he was doing from Ekitzel. In August of 2007, Ekitzel and I moved into an apartment in Orem, Utah although I was working in Salt Lake City. She had hung out with Evan on a previous occassion and we were planning on all getting together to hang out. However, a coworker of mine always came to work with a Jamba Juice and I inquired where the closest one to my job was. By chance, I happened to be early to my job and so I went to get a Jamba Juice. After I ordered, I heard my name called from behind the counter, it was Evan. He was the assistant manager of the Jamba Juice (he is now the general manager of that store--what an amazing husband). He took my number down.

That weekend, the three of us hung out and while I went to work, Evan hung out with Ekitzel. He confided in her that he was going to ask me out. She told me and my reaction was that it would be bad--didn't she remember how awkward it had been that summer? He asked me out, but prior to our Saturday date, he came down to hang out with me four nights in a row (you have to know that it was an hour south of where he lived and I worked). The day after our first date, we discussed marriage. He actually proposed (said that words "will you marry me") but we both knew it would be a while and wanted to date some first.

This is Evan looking at the Chicago skyline on our trip there to see The Weakerthans perform in October 2007.

This is us at my sister's Portland, Oregon wedding reception on Thanskgiving weekend 2007. My mom is the one in the corner of the picture.

This is us at the gorge on our drive home from Portland that weekend.

This is taking in the lights on Temple Square in December 2007.

It was the best chance encounter of my life. Although I was apprehensive about that date--it turned out great and Evan is my biggest blessing.

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