Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding Day

Evan and I were married on the 29th of February in 2008. It was Leap Day, which means that although he has to buy me an anniversary gift every year, I only have to once every four :)

It was a crazy day that involved no heat or hot water, rental car, ring sizing, and apartment mishaps. All long stories. But we went with our great friend Nate and he took pictures of us before the wedding, then we had a family dinner, then the ceremony with a small group of family and friends, and finally pie. It was held at Evan's family's house. My mom was able to fly in for the weekend. It was beautiful, and we just winged our vows and cried.

This is signing our wedding license--Ekitzel and Nate were our witnesses.

This is both sides of the family that were there. As always, Zoie is making a funny face.

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Heidi said...

I love the stories - I actually found what you said to each other during the ceremony - I'll have to type it up and send it to you...