Monday, May 9, 2011

Angry Beatings

I'm here in the kitchen, singing along to the iPod, praying that Aiden continues to sleep while I finish unpacking these last few kitchen boxes. Over the noise, because I listen to my music LOUD. I hear a steady beating sound. I go out in the living room to figure out what Kyle is doing.

He is beating his Ernie bumper car (you push a button and Ernie's wheels spin 360 degrees and he bumps into things and changes directions) with one of his plastic dinosaurs. He looks up at me and says, "I angry my toy now. He go that way (points), not that way (points)."

Apparently when Kyle turns on Ernie he has a specified direction in mind and Ernie doesn't always go that way. I showed him another car that would go in the direction he points it.

Is anyone else judging my mothering skills and what I am teaching him or is it just me? :)


Charity said...

Ha ha... I think at some point you just have to realize that certain tendencies are human and in-born rather than taught. We get angry. At least he is honest about his feelings. :P

Teresa said...

I love it! It think it is so fun, too when kids begin to verbally express their emotions. Halle is really into stating when things make her sad or mad or happy or hurt her feelings. It's just that the things that evoke these feelings in our kids are so humorous : ) poor ernie car.