Monday, May 30, 2011

The Poop is Worth It

So I believe that I've mentioned how Morgan, Jenny's daughter, is staying with us while Jenny is in the hospital again because of CF. Morgan, Mo, or Monie, is 11 months younger than Kyle and 11 months older than Aiden. I love having her. I get excited just unpacking her cute little purple jean leggings and seeing her little crocs. Have I mentioned that I really want a daughter, which is funny since I hate pink. She is great to have along and Evan's family adores her---so much so Papa was calling her his girl. Everyone adores her and she is so well behaved, unless with Jenny (sorry, just saying!). We got asked in Park City if we had twins, I almost said yes, and honestly, unless you hear Mo talk compared to Kyle---they are the same size----it is impossible to tell the difference.

But today!! We got up and there is snow on the ground and car. Kyle insists on wearing his snow boots on May 30th. I dropped Evan at work so I could have the car. Yes, it is a holiday and yes, he has to work those if it falls on one of his normal days. People still have Alzheimer's on holidays. At least, he didn't work both Saturday and Monday. I get half way to Smith's, phone call, Evan left his work keys and lunch at home. I have to drive home, then back to his work, and then back to the grocery store. Put Kyle and Mo in the car cart at Smiths, huge fights over "mine" although both had a steering wheel and horn. Pushing ensued. Get everyone home. Feed everyone.

Lay everyone down for nap (1 poop change). Mo falls asleep, Kyle poops, change him, both boys still awake, Aiden falls asleep, Kyle wakes Mo up, Mo cries (still tired). I come in and threaten Kyle within an inch of his life. This is the first 30 minutes. Then Mo and Kyle start yelling and stopping around. Wake Aiden up. Nap over. Change three poopy diapers bringing the count to 5 in 90 minutes. Tally: Kyle: 0 minutes slept, Morgan: 30, Aiden: 20. Put Kyle back in unders and in the 5 minutes to load the car, he's wet himself. Load all in the car to go to the hospital and Kyle falls asleep.

Get everyone upstairs to Jenny's room. Everyone wants a snack. Only one sippy for Mo, because last time Kyle didn't need it. Many melt downs from tired children. Aiden falls asleep in stroller, bump wakes him. Morgan sticks her hand down her diaper into her poop. Aiden blowing raspberries while eating (Kyle never did that). Make it through 4 hours---everyone has had enough. Get everyone in the car: all asleep. Still have 2 1/2 hours before we can go home because we have to met Evan at his work and wait for him to get off----1 car!

It's been rough, but as I was driving to Evan's work and I was looking in the rear view mirror watching eyelids slowly blink longer and longer and Morgan's arm bent to cushion her head, I realized it was worth it. I drove 15 miles out of my way so they could sleep, I could hear soft toddler breathing, and Aiden's occasional sucking on his fingers. The sun was breaking through the clouds. The music was just right.

Worth the moment were I was carrying Aiden, holding Morgan's hand who was holding Kyle's...a little line of ducklings going to the store. Morgan was saying my name in the hospital sounding like ET, or where Kyle finally called Jenny, "Jenny," and not, "that one." Where Morgan yelled to Evan after we dropped him off, "bye Daddy," waving big. Where Morgan brought Kyle his shoes, "ear doe," (here you go). The kisses that Morgan gave Jenny when she would come over and pull down her mask and then replace it when we were at Primary's. The sweet sounds Aiden had for his new love, cousin Nikki. The helicopter and panda squiggles Kyle drew me on the window at the hospital. Kyle telling Morgan to "Morgan, look at my pee."

Playing "mingo" at Daddy's work. Aiden chewing on Evan's lanyard. A thoughtful call from my mother-in-law offering to watch the kids so I could go to Old Navy after Park City's disappointment. Hearing Jenny's laugh and being reminded of Teresa.

Chasing the "itty" and saying "meow." And the growls shared between these two during lunch. Lots of roaring. Peeing in the bathroom by myself. Aiden standing up against a resident's wheelchair, smiling up at him, while the resident stroked his head. Seeing Kyle's surprise that the buttons make the bed go up and down when pushed.

Funny faces. Sweet smiles, and the million bye-byes to everyone she saw. Her holding a resident's hand to walk down the hall. Chase: at home, at the hospital, at Silverado. Being complimented on Aiden's soft head.

Kyle giving Morgan some of his chicken nuggets in return for her banana chips. "Aiyle" being yelled through the house to see where he has gone. Kyle clenching his Mickey Mouse mask from Primary's to take to "work." "Mommy play mingo, Kyle play mingo, Morgan play mingo?" when told we were going to Daddy's work for Bingo. "I like mingo," when answered in the affirmative.

It feels good to be around two little toddlers. Not a bad Memorial Day.


Rachelle said...

This is a great post. Thanks for being so positive, it has reminded me that its the little stuff that is important. Your day sounds great. It makes me love being a mom and makes me think I need to re-evaluate some of my priorities and stop to smell the roses more :)

Teresa said...

As you know,I am jealous on the one hand, and on the other hand, you have my pity :) I am so glad Jenny has you to help her. I know it can't be easy but you make having an extra two year old for two weeks seem not only do-able, but fun. You're amazing.