Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frances Comes to Town

So we are back from Las Vegas; however, I'm just too worn out to find the camera, upload the pictures, edit them, compose the post and such. So I'm going to post about another fabulous happening. Over Mother's Day weekend, our dear friend Frances came from DC. It had been about a year since the last time Kyle saw her and she had never met Aiden. Plus, Frances brought her fiance (wootwoot!!) Andrew to Salt Lake too. 

Evan was working, so I got all of Frances' and Andrew's attention---although let's be honest, the boys were really why they came!

It was such a beautiful day, and so we waited for the guests of honor to arrive outside. Kyle actually went out to greet her and gave her a hug. I was so surprised because I didn't think he'd be comfortable enough, but I do think he remembers how she provided him graham crackers last time. 

Meeting Aiden: again surprised he didn't just cry and reach for me the whole time, he is at that stage.

Kyle took this one:

Andrew is so fabulous and so perfect for her. I wish that we were all living closer so we could get to know him well---I just know that Evan would have a man crush on Andrew. He even built a tower with Kyle, what a good guy. 

And yes, I did bribe Kyle with a marshmallow if he would take a picture with Frances. I've never done that  before, but it was so worth it. Although both my kids look ready for a nap in this picture. :) 

We miss you Francy Pants, please come to visit soon because I know that your reception in September won't afford us enough time to catch up.

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