Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day---Las Vegas Addition

Today was the best day that I have had in sooooo long. It was the most wonderful mother's day. For me it was the first where it wasn't about not doing anything---no diapers, no dishes, no cleaning, no picking up, no wiping noses or bums, no pottying, no cooking, no nothing. I didn't mind that I had to do all those things today---even though last night I was wishing it was Mother's Day so I could be done already. But today really ended up being like most other Sundays, but I felt such peace today.

Evan made me puffed french toast, which he liked, and he does not like french toast. He used my favorite cooking blog---our best bites. He raved about the blog and how easy it was to follow---and he does not cook. So we all ate my french toast in bed, daddy bite, mommy bite, Kyle bite. Aiden watched. It was fabulous. Then I opened my gift. It was a mixed CD with an awesomely accurate custom cover and booklet. It was Las Vegas themed.

That is because Evan is taking me to Las Vegas this coming weekend and that CD is our mixed CD for the road trip. I've never been and I've never been so excited. (Well, I've been on the way through to LA, but In & Out does not count as Vegas) He got all the babysitting ready (with his wonderful family of course) and his work figured out and has left the rest of the planning for us so that he could make sure I was happy with it. It is perfect. We got a cheap hotel right off the Strip, the Hilton, which the shuttle runs by.

I don't know what else we should do? I am trying to keep it cheap. We will drive down Friday, go to the Temple, The Pawn Stars pawn shop, and see everything else that isn't on the Strip we want to see. Saturday is the Strip day and will either include the Shark Reef or the dolphins at Mandalay Bay (any opinion on which is better), a buffet, and Sunday we'll drive back. 

I am so excited. Like SOOO excited. Evan and I have never been anywhere by ourselves since we have been married. It was so sweet and thoughtful of him and I am so ready to get away. Any advice would be appreciated. Pictures of our weekend and thoughts on today are to come.


Mallory said...

I have lots of thoughts. 1. I grew up with Katie who is one of the author of our best bites isn't that crazy?

2. Vegas hmm so many options. Seriously my favorite place to eat in the Venetian coffee shop. But I don't know how expensive it is (it isn't McDonalds). Hoover Dam is cool but it is like a 30 min drive or so out of Vegas. I like the M&M store. But in general I just love going out at night to the casinos to people watch! Ahh man some of the outfits you will see are crazy!

But my 3 and most important thought is I hope you just have so much fun and that you sleep in! Happy Mommy's day!

Rachelle said...

I got Best Bites cook book for Mother's Day. We made things out of it for bfast and dinner!!

Evan should know all about vegas from our trip back in Nov '00. I think we hit a few record stores, pool sharks, bowling, hoover dam, and red rock.

Just kidding, I am sure there is better stuff to do now.

It will be a great time for the 2 of you to be together! Just make evan close his eyes while you walk around the strip ;)

Rachelle said...

Oh and the shark reef is definitely better.

Ami, Joel, and Dane said...

I rode on a Gondola with Rachelle at the Venetian. It was fun, even though the gondolier was smarmy. So that's a fun option.
I think there's so much fun stuff to do, you can just walk around and decide on the spot! You should definitely hit a buffet in one of the hotels; Circus Circus is a pretty affordable one. Nicer hotels=more expensive buffet. I also heard about a place on Man vs. Food that had awesome breakfasts, it's called Hash House A-Go-Go. They had awesome-looking, gigantic waffles, some with bacon cooked inside! And lots of gravy!
I'm kidding about the gravy, although I'm sure they'll have it. I bet they'll have enough options that both you and Evan will find something delicious.
Um...most of my ideas involve food.

Sarita said...

I'm so excited for you guys to come! I was going to say we should take you to Hash House A Go Go. We went there recently for my birthday and it's good. Be careful with some of the cheap buffets. They can be gross and a little sketchy. Joel works Saturday night but we definitely should get together for lunch or something earlier in the day.

Teresa said...

How fun! I am still waiting for Chris' and my vacation (or even just an overnight) away from the kids. We've never had one. Enjoy it. (as if I need to tell you that). I have no idea what to do in Vegas. I am sure there are way cooler things to do than there were when I was there last.