Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adventures in the Fall

This is just a conglomeration of pictures from the last few months, random moments from our daily lives.

My mother sent Kyle a game for his birthday. It is an Eric Carle game. It has dominoes, bingo, and match all in one game. It is high quality and we just love it. This was our first go, and even Aiden can play.

She also sent a paint set (see left in this picture). Kyle is very into painting and and being crafty lately. I don't love the design but it is still fairly cool and it is an all in 1 system which is nice.

Aiden gets to water color paint because he is somewhat messy with normal paint and it is not worth his short attention span :)

We took a beautiful fall stroll around Silver Lake up the canyon. Elliot, an old roommate of Evan's and a close friend, was able to come and enjoy the leaves and antics of small toddler boys. Kyle did not want to participate in pictures that day.

We bought some Costco sushi for a quick meal added to our leftovers one night. Neither of the boys have enjoyed sushi in the past---and to be honest I did not think about the fact that it had cream cheese in it until several hours later. However, with only 1 piece of sushi each, we avoided any major reactions. And they got to experiment and practice with chop sticks.

Because Evan and my official marriage anniversary is Leap Day, we don't have a huge celebration most years. Just another normal dinner date. But it also allows us to celebrate other things more fully--our sealing date, our first hangout (we've been together ever since then), and other special dates. Because my way to show love is gift giving and Evan is to get gifts---he got new head phones this year for the celebration of 5 years of being a couple.

Aiden models them frequently. And they look precious on him!

This was my vantage one day during some family bonding while watching some TV show.

One day, we drove to visit Nate, who was not there. His amazing amount of leaves was....he has a tree that basically vomits them in the fall. Aiden is obsessed with leaves right now. We have a huge pile that has been blown into the corner of our driveway (we still have half on the tree, so I haven't raked yet :) every time we go to get in the car he runs through the pile. Multiple times, until I'm chasing him to get him in the car. It is just the biggest joy in his life right now. 


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Ami, Joel, Dane, June said...

This is weird, because Joel has a cousin named Elliott, and his brother Justin looks just like your friend Elliott. Weird.