Saturday, October 20, 2012

Some Shopping, Mostly Playing

During Evan's fall break, which is seriously the best thing ever, we took an afternoon to go to the new sporting goods store in Sandy, called Scheel's.


They have a Ferris wheel in the middle of the store. Does it get any better than that. So we all went, which I believe is the first time for either of the boys. Evan, Nate, and Kyle went in one car.

Aiden and I went in another. Aiden gave me multiple heart attacks, because I swore he was going to slip under the bar and out. He tried very hard one time to do just that.

They also have several game stations around the store---like a shooting game, bowling (or roller ball), and video game simulation sports. They also had several "photo booth" opportunities stationed around the store.

The store had everything sports related, a food court, and the weirdest part was the wax figures of dead presidents (think Lincoln) stationed around the store who would move electronically and talk about history related incidents. Strange, right? It even had large sections dedicated to both BYU and UoU gear, and other sports teams. The boys favorite part was the McDonald's like play land (that was easy for a parent to climb in to get them out) and the huge fish tanks.

It was an awesome outing. And we all enjoyed it tremendously. 

P.S. Evan and I have an old friend, Nate. He was a roommate of Evan's before we got married, a witness at our wedding, and just a good friend. He hasn't been around much while we've been living in Salt Lake because he was gone in Alabama for two years training to be a helicopter pilot, and then other guard related training. Recently, he has been around a lot more. Over the course of the summer, Nate started coming to dinner and FHE, then he started coming to more dinners during the week. We have now gotten to the point where Nate eats more dinners with us than without us. It has been a joy for all of us. The boys probably love Nate more than Evan and I. Aiden is in the habit of asking Nate for things like candy and desert that he knows he won't get from us.

This is proof of how much a part of our daily family life Nate is. He is laying in Evan and my bed with Kyle and Aiden watching TV after bath and before bed :)

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Ami, Joel, Dane, June said...

I swear there are a million more cool things in Sandy/Salt Lake since we moved. It's like they were hiding all their coolness until the Frosts left and were like, "Oh good, they're gone. We can be cool now."