Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blood in the Corn

Yesterday, we went with Evan's mom and sister, Zoie, to Cornbelly's down at Thanksgiving Pointe. I have never been. It was a lot of fun, although even with our $2 discount, it was not cheap. It seems like most of the good corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and other outdoor October activities are down in Utah County or way up north.

They have a ton of stuff to do like a trampoline pillow bouncy thing, bounce houses, mazes, corn/pumpkin cannons, hay rides, haunted stuff, lots of play structures (shaped like tractors, trains, castles, and arks), and pig races.

We did the pillow bounce thing first. Zoie came with me, while Mom and Evan sat and chatted on one of their millions of benches.

Aiden loves to run and then just throw himself down. He doesn't do a ton of actual bouncing.

Kyle really just wanted to slide down the side.

Then we did the maze. This year it was shaped into pick your president with a trail through each one of the candidates heads. There was a little bit of dissension on which head to do, but eventually the correct candidate was chosen (by the majority, as it should be) and we were off. Even though this was really the reason we came, it was the lamest thing we did. The corn was all dead and not very high, it was walked through in lots of spots that weren't trails, and the exit was the same as the enterance. It just seemed kind of pointless. I think if the kids were older, it might be more fun in the dark, but I could see Evan's head over the corn and I am not that tall.

There were also two instances of blood. Kyle cut his finger in two places on a corn stalk. Aiden tripped and busted his lip. Lovely, right.

Then we watches some pumpkin cannon and corn blasting. Aiden screeched and whimpered every time they went off. Evan slipped on some gravel and cut a pretty good scrape that actively bleed so we had to get an employee for some bandaids. We walked around and looked at some cool carved pumpkins in a tree like display and made our way to the hay rides with some play structure time thrown in as we walked and waited.

I was the only one who really wanted to go on the hayride and the kids did not care. Kyle only looked at his map and Aiden fussed the whole time (much like the whole rest of his life as of late). And Mom told another mother that her child would most likely not get e coli from the dirt (based on a true story of a kid on her unit at the hospital). Mom was horrified at how dirty the child's hands and face were. I was horrified that she told another mother that. I bet the other mother was horrified that she was being critiqued. I think everyone was fairly uncomfortable after that, it was a funny awkward situation :)

All in all:
3 incidences of blood
2 fussy, crying children when we left
1 funny, awkward hay ride
Lots of priceless family time


Mallory said...

Even with fussy kids it seems like a fun place to go on an outing. Glad you could go!

Amy said...

Glad you guys had some fun, even with some blood!

Teresa said...

well, the title of this post was gross and attention grabbing : ) glad you guys (kind of) had fun!

Merry said...

Hahaha! I hope you had a good laugh over this like I just did!

Ami, Joel, Dane, June said...

I can totally imagine the awkward hayride--so much mortification! And I had to laugh at all the blood. The kids' blood is perhaps more expected (though I didn't know corn stalks would be so sharp!) just because kids do that, but Evan's blood is less expected. Sorry for all the injuries!