Saturday, October 20, 2012

Super Heroes Dentists

At the beginning of the month we had a dentist visit. Kyle had a lot of anxiety about going...a lot. He has had a drastic increase in his anxiety levels. I discussed what was going to happen in great detail, recounted the previous experiences, and made it clear what behaviors were acceptable and what was completely out of the question. In the end, he did fabulously and we reinforced the memory that nothing bad happened and all the loot that he got. I am also super glad that we got the one private room because Aiden would not stay still :)

Watching the Toy Story movie on the ceiling while waiting.

After we came home he was able to dress up with the new pieces they added to his super hero get up......have I mentioned that we are all going to be super heroes for Halloween----it is a big thing in our house right now!

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Merry said...

Oh, that is precious! He is so cute.