Saturday, October 20, 2012

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Kyle recently had a sleep study. There is only one pediatric sleep specialist in the state of Utah. So we have known this was coming for awhile, as we had to wait 6 weeks for an appointment and then another 4 for his sleep study.

I've never seen so many leads on anyone. He had 12 on his head alone, not including the two brain wave leads on the back of his head. He also had leads on his legs, chest, two belts around his trunk, and finally an oxygen like tubing under his nose to measure his breathing. There were four different monitors in the room to measure all the data and 1 camera to record his sleeping. They gave him a double bed just so there was space for him and his lead boxes.

Unfortunately, with the study report, we now have another diagnosis to add to his list, but with the right medication that we are working on titrating, we might not have an overly exhausted child regardless of how much he sleeps. Added to that, we also found out that this disorder tends to run in families (I mean, why wouldn't we have another diagnosis like that). Aiden is up next for a sleep study because he is following in Kyle's sleeping patterns.

The one thing that I have learned is that Kyle is a guinea pig.....a true guinea pig. He is my anomaly, he is my tester, he is my pin cushion. I some times wonder if Aiden would not be as seemingly "healthy" as he is, if it weren't for Kyle. Aiden certainly owes Kyle a debt of gratitude for making his childhood a great deal easier. 


Teresa said...

poor kiddo : ( so what did they determine?

by the way, you are on a blogging roll. I have to keep scrolling down to see how many more posts I have missed.

and, I guess I am a robot, because I have absolutely no idea what this word is supposed to say. I'ts not even a word. or a number. it looks like a picture...of a lightswitch. hmmm...

Ami, Joel, Dane, June said...

Poor Guinea pig Kyle (or, as my mom would say, marmot Kyle). What was his diagnosis? Hopefully the medication will help him (and Aiden) a lot. I couldn't believe all those leads. At least they're not needles.