Sunday, October 21, 2012

Out of the Mouth

Kyle has been hysterical lately. What he comes up with stops me dead in my tracks so frequently and I wish I wrote more of them down, maybe I need to start sending myself text messages when it happens.

He has started to sing to himself and Aiden songs he must be learning in preschool (cuz I don't know them). I don't know the words except one ends in a loud BOO! with jazz hands.

Kyle keeps asking when we can move to China. Today he said, "we should move to China and live with Ekitzel. We can be a big family."
Me: I like that.
Kyle: And when we get there we should get another daddy.
M: Like for Ekitzel.
K: No. Like Daddy should stay here and live with another family. And we'll get a new Daddy.
M: (Trying not to laugh). No, Daddy is part of our family. We can't go anywhere without him.
K: Okay.

At our last feeding therapy appointment, Helen, our therapist, said that he could call and leaver her a message each time he eats a new food.
The next day, I said to him, "Look you ate cabbage, tofu, lettuce, and peanut sauce. Let's call Helene and tell her."
Kyle: "No, I want to email her, not call her."

One night before Nate left, he spread his change from his pocket on the floor outside the boy's room. He made me promise that I would tell Kyle, Nate pooped and it turned into money over night. I did promise. In the morning:
Kyle: Mommy, there is money on the floor!
Me: Oh yeah, Nate pooped and it turned into money.
Kyle: I think, Nate put his hand in his pocket, got the money and put it on the floor.
Me: You're probably right.

He calls the University of Utah the "football school." He tells everyone that "when I get big, I'm going to the football school to play football." He sees the signs, clothes, bumper stickers and point the U out to me everywhere. He is slightly obsessed :)

My son is also wise beyond his years. He said to me two days ago, "When are we going to take this out [referring to the button] and not put a new one in and have the skin grow back?" I asked him where he had heard that, and he didn't know. I don't know where he got that idea, but he is dead on in terms of how the process works.


Mallory said...

I like the let's just email her not call her comment.

Jenny Livingston said...

I can't remember... do you ever write about the "Mom, why can't I feel the spirit" conversation?

He is so funny!

Merry said...

Daddy gets to live with a new family, huh? :D

Ami, Joel, Dane, June said...

I'm glad you insisted Evan should stay in your family! That is so funny!

R. Ekitzel Wood said...

reading your blog is makes me miss your family so bad it hurts...also I want a "Daddy" for me too....