Monday, October 22, 2012

Perfect Monday

Today was a good day. I have new swimming gear, so my workout this morning was a blast.

I was feeling energetic and ready for the day (although a little aprehensive as I had 3 stores to hit shopping this morning and the boys had been up since 5am) we offered to take Evan to work. There was a massive pile of leaves from the windy wind (ever seen Dora) this morning.

After letting Kyle know all the things we had to do, we had an unexpected surprise: new children's carts at Smith's!

Yes, he did run full speed into my ankle three seconds in. But after showing him how much skin he removed and telling him emphatically how much that hurt, he stayed a good distance (some times too much). He told me he needed to go potty instead of peeing his pants. They were fully stocked on my soy milk and we found..... Baybee Punkins!!!

Aiden would not leave that thing alone. It consoled him because he is not responsible enough to push a mini cart. He was distraught about leaving the baybee punkin in the car at every other stop.

Kyle got a giraffe gourd (he picked that one) and they also each got one little mini white pumpkin.

We bought our Halloween candy. We went to Costco and looked at all the new Christmas toys with no incident. It did get a little trying at the end when I dropped/lost my Costco card while in the store. Luckily, it was replaced no problem.

We got things unloaded and put away. There were just so few melt downs and issues today. The boys played well together. Aiden even took a 3 hour nap! And Kyle had a great length of quiet time. It was so blissful that I got more done on a sewing project while watching a WHOLE movie.

For our FHE: the boys played in the car while Evan changed a brake light. I restocked our soy milk.

Then Evan joined in on the action. Pretty soon we were all inside our space ship going to Mars.

Kyle and Daddy hopped in the back seat. Kyle had Evan buckle in his "invisible friend." It was the first time for that...he is a boy, he is a robot boy, and there was some other defining characteristic. He came to play and drive the space ship too.

After that we took an hour long walk in the gusty wind, with the blowing leaves, but warm temperatures (Evan and I held hands the whole time---which hasn't happened in a while). We saw several neighbor friends and had nice pleasant chats with all of them. To top it off, we grabbed Zoie and went to Red Robin. I found my new favorite dish there---Ensalada Platter. Delish!

It was just a gorgeous day, that was ordinary, perfect, and so fabulously balanced with productivity and sweet family moments. My boys righted their previous fussy, whinny, horrific behavior as of late....and we had very little medical drama (although still a little--it is our family that we are talking about :)-

On days like this, I can imagine the celestial kingdom.


Derek and Andrea said...

I always buy my soymilk at Costco. Is it cheaper at smiths?

Ami, Joel, Dane, June said...

I love the conclusion to this post, and I'm glad you had such a happy day. You've been having so many adventures--I had tons of posts to catch up on! I was going to do one big comment, but I'll just do individual comments. Here's hoping for more of these kinds of days.