Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blessing The Baby

On Sunday, Evan and I were able to bless Kyle. It was a very special experience, and we were extremely blessed to have so many of our close friends and family be there to witness it with us. We even had friends come up from Provo and be there by 9am in the morning--what good friends. There were a few dark spots. Evan's grandparents were locked out of the car and didn't make it in time to see the blessing and our good friend, John Van Orman's wife was sick and they also did not make it. It was such a good experience though and I don't think I've been that happy or glowy since my wedding day. I cried like a baby all through the opening hymn, the blessing, and some of the sacrament.

This is the little family at the grandparents after the blessing.....

This was the blessed boy....I love the sweater and I love the shoes. I just think he is so handsome. And, as is the case, as soon as I put the sweater on he spit-up pears all over the collar. I have been saving that outfit though, so I cleaned him up as best I could and went with it.

This is Kyle and Ekitzel sleeping in the lobby before church. It was really cute.

This is the generations picture with four generations of Young men.

This is the family from left to right: great grandma, mammy, Evan, Avery, me, Kyle, Zoie, grandfather, and great grandpa.

It was so special--and there is not much more that can be said. I now understand why blessing posts are rather short. No words really express the experience. I'm so glad that Evan is a worthy priesthood holder and was able to name and bless Kyle. He did a wonderful job and is a great leader in our household. After, the bishop told him to hold Kyle up so everyone could see. It was a little Lion King-ish. But everyone laughed in the congregation at how cute he is.


Derek and Annie said...

Cute! Congratulations! What a special day!! And you (Holly) look so cute too!

Sutter Family said...

reading that brings tears to my eyes. we are so happy for you guys. we are sad to have missed out on such a special day, but glad it all went well. and what a handsome little boy!