Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's Up My Ninjas?

Evan and I have a very good friend named Nate. Nate is currently in Alabama training to become a helicopter pilot with the National Guard. However, right before he left in the fall he purchased a house. We often drive right by the house and I often say things like, "Hi Nate. We miss you." It was hard for us when Nate left because he was one of our favorite random hangouts.

Last night, Evan and I were stopped at the light close to his house. Our conversation went something like this. [Note: Evan works with Alzheimer's patients.]

Me: Hi Nate! We miss you.
Evan: You know he's not there right.
M: Come back from Alabama soon.
E: This is what it's going to be like when you have Alzheimer's and I have to take care of you. I'll go like this (huge sigh and sad drooped head shake).
You'll always talk about Nate and I'll have to say, 'Holly, Nate died in a helicopter crash back in 2015.'
[Light changes]
M: Bye Nate!
E: I'll get a plaque that says, 'Nate's dead,' and just point at it.

I know that this is possibly a little morbid, but I was rolling in my seat laughing. I just wonder where Evan comes up with these elaborate stories. I would have just said to someone, "You're an idiot for talking to a house," not my creative husband.


Charity said...

ha ha, that is hilarious. though maybe Nate won't appreciate having his death predicted. who knows, though? maybe he will. appreciate it. not die.

Merry said...

Ha! I was laughing out loud in the library because of this post! Funny!

Sutter Family said...

that's so evan. we miss him

Patty Estes said...

f fSo, this funny?!
Nate's Mom

(of course, you know that Nate the Great sent this to us! See how it is? We miss him, too...glad he has such good friends, or so it seems...)

Skip said...

So E, Do you suppose you could give Nate a few more years to live?

clankeough said...

i'm sure he will...apreciate it...not 2015 anyway. he might wish he was dead partway through flight-training, but the overwhelming desire to fly the friggin' thing will keep him alive. can you say APACHE Baaayyybeeeee!!! whoooohooooo!!!

clankeough said...
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