Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He Rolls and Chews

While I take a shower, I lay Kyle's play mat on our bed with him on it. He is usually content to play until I am done. Right next to him I lay my clothes. I came out of the shower last week, he'd worked himself over to my clothes and had grab them and pulled them close so that he could hold them and suck his thumb. He's gotten in this habit of holding with all his fingers some cloth while putting his thumb in his mouth. When I was young, I had a blanket with a silky binding and did the same thing, except that I would rub the silk binding against my check. It feels good to know that he has some of my personality in him.

Those are my pajamas that he is holding onto. It's hard to tell, but he's sucking his thumb too.

For my shower gift, my mom gave me a tummy time mat that doubles as a cover for restaurant high chairs and shopping cart covers. It prevents your child from chewing on a fairly scary handle of the shopping cart or the restaurant high chair. I tried to use it for Kyle as a tummy time mat, but he did not like to be on his tummy on the floor. So we were finally able to use it at a restaurant last week. Although, it was a short time in the high chair (as it takes several weeks for Kyle to like new toys or chairs), but he did enjoy chewing on the strawberry and I like being able to put him somewhere instead of having to hold him while I eat.

This was just laying with Daddy on the couch last week. If you can't tell he wears his new fleece hoodie everywhere.

Monday, Kyle finally rolled over again. On December 12th, he rolled over for the first time. But we are fairly certain that was a fluke and had nothing to do with his coordination or understanding of how his limbs work. Now, almost exactly two months later, he just started to roll over. It happened at Mammy and Grandfather's. It happened the first time, and since then every time he is on his tummy it happens.

This is Kyle playing with Auntie Zoie. She is taking credit for teaching him how to roll over because last week she gave him a tutorial on how to do so, much like how they taught the dog. Now she is teaching him how to sit and stand. Who knows what I'll post next week.

This is kyle in his bed. When I put him down he was on his tummy and ninety degrees to the left. This is how I found him. The first day we had major problems getting a nap because he would just flip himself over when I put him down and Kyle can't sleep on his back as he never did. I have to go in and flip him on his tummy until he wears himself out from rolling over and is able to go back to sleep. It has made night feedings a lot longer.

This is the video I took Monday night of him rolling over. I love that he uses his bum as a fulcrum to throwing his weight over. He often just ends up on his side for several minutes and will stay there for a long time if he has a blanket he is cuddling and chewing on. Unfortunately, the video starts after he's already gotten his bum in the air. I'll have to get a better one later. It's so funny because it is a smooth action that I didn't even realize that I was seeing him roll over the first time. Luckily, Evan was on the phone with me and so he was able to hear about it as it happened.

I'm so excited for him to crawl now.

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Charity said...

I think he looks a lot like you too.