Saturday, February 14, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

On Thursday afternoon, Evan, Kyle and I went to see the open house at the Draper Temple. It was a snowy, foggy afternoon but it was starting to clear a little after we got done. We were bused up from a meeting house further down the hill and we were bused back after the tour and light refreshments (bottled water and four different types of cookies).

The picture I got of the temple as we were bused back down. Sorry it is a little blurry.

Evan and Kyle in the bus.

Kyle and I on the bus. Hard to get a complete family photo when there are just three of us.

From the meeting house, you could see the sunset and into the valley. It's hard to see, but if you look closely directly next to the light post, you can see some bright yellow. It was like a snake watching the traffic as it headed south on I-15.

Looking up to the top of the Point of the Mountain. The temple is nestled pretty snuggly again it.

Beautiful sunset as we got on the freeway. It was a gorgeous evening to see the new temple.

P.S. It was also Kyle's 5 month mark. I want to keep doing the comparison pictures, but the Mac has been declared dead and we haven't transferred the pictures over yet.

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Charity said...

Aw, what a great family trip. Good pictures all around, too.

Yeah, you're totally right about the hairstyling video. Certainly not for all hairtypes, and for those of us with thick hair, certainly not five minutes.

This is the website I found the video at, though, and you may find something in there that could be fun to do with curly hair. Lots of ideas for hairstyling... some totally inapplicable, but others could be useful.