Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

So I should be packing because we are moving this Saturday and I am not close to being done. However, instead I unpacked a box to find my camera cord to upload pictures so that I could blog. I am very responsible, trust me.

Evan and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Neither of us are very romantic and neither of us are good with waiting or secrets. We exchanged gifts by about Wednesday and we both knew what we were getting early. Evan received Nerf guns of his choosing.....

This is my new Doctrine & Covenants book. It has all of the text and bonus materials like quotes and background information along side. I was so excited to take it to church this week, but I forgot.

I did tell Evan that I wanted our plans to be a surprise. Ekitzel baby sat Kyle and we went for a very romantic dinner at....

I love this restaurant and we went all out. We even had their crispy caramel banana cheesecake crepes for desert, which were very yummy if you have an Evan to eat the banana slices. I always get the strawberry stuffed french toast and Evan got biscuits and gravy. We're simple folk, what can we say?

After that we headed over to Trolley Square. We walked around and window shopped. Stopped at Restoration Hardware and coveted all the $5000 leather couches we can't afford and spent my Christmas money from William Sonoma.

On our way out we took a picture one-handed (our specialty) in front of the lit trees. Evan was a little shaky so it turned out like this and we love it....

While we were at IHop, Evan and I couldn't resist purchasing this bean bag monkey for Kyle. This particular shade of pink (Susan G. Koman Foundation breast cancer pink) is Evan's favorite color. Kyle seems to like it a lot and we have been taking it everywhere. The widow's peak on monkey reminds me of Kyle, especially when Kyle raises his eyebrows.

It came with a rather silly name, but like all his stuffed animals (all three) it goes simply by the species: monkey. It's friends are puppy and bunny, both of which came from a loving nana.

As we were out today, three people mistook him for a girl. That has never happened. I wonder if it is the pink monkey. :)

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Charity said...

that picture of you and evan is truly awesome.