Friday, February 13, 2009

Dog & Senior Fun

So I don't like these.......

I know that you are thinking, "but they are so cute, what a hard heart she has."

They are cute, from a far, far distance. I have issues with snot and drool. Human or beast. I don't mind any other bodily function/excretion, but not that. I'll deal with human drool, but why should I have to with a beast. I also don't like dog hair or having to play with them. If they curl up somewhere and leave me alone that is great. But I get tired of guarding my food, watching where I step or any of those other things that come with dogs. In general, I'll tolerate little dogs (real little-like fifteen pounds) or puppies. Most people don't even know how much I dislike dogs.
Well, in our complex you can have pets. But you have to pick up after them and keep them on a leash. So many people in our complex don't bother to keep them on a leash and we have a lot of people with dogs around us. Usually, it will be later at night, Evan and I will be coming home and someone is out toileting their dog without a leash. Usually I suck it up, keep my distance, and glower at the owner.

Except....a few times.

Often in response to my obvious avoidance behavior, I hear, "He won't hurt you." How is that an okay explanation for leaving your dog off of a leash? It doesn't cover it. I don't care that he won't hurt me. I don't like them. Get them away. What if I was allergic? I am forced to stand still on the sidewalk and wait for their idiotic animals. So twice, this lady has used that excuse with her dog. The first time, I told her straight out, "I don't care. I don't like dogs. That dog needs to be on a leash." Last night, I told her, "I don't care. I don't like dogs." She did nothing and her dog came over and was inches from my legs and trying to smell into Kyle's car seat. And of course there is nothing I can do, but move to another apartment complex without animals.

Another fun human interaction this week....

....involving seniors. I do like seniors. Sometimes, I feel awkward and as if I don't have anything to say to them, but I do like them. Particularly Evan's grandparents.....

Evan and I went to Walmart to get diapers (Walmart off-brand, is better than any other brand we've ever had). I pulled up behind a white SUV and dropped him off. It was at the front door. Any of you Walmart customers know, Walmart parking lots are often crazy and full all hours of the day and night. Evan entered the store and the SUV in front hadn't moved. He wasn't pulled up on the sidewalk or anything--just sitting there dead stopped. Well, another vehicle was trying to pull from an aisle into the lane. We were blocking that lane. I honked a, "hello, I'm here in case you didn't see me honk." Then another when I got no response. Then another longer, "move," honk, then I laid on it. By this point I was fed up.

Well, the SUV engine went off and a grandpa got out of the car and walked back to mine. I locked my doors. In all honesty, I'm not a passive, patient driver. I expect people to know where they are going and go. And...within the last year, it was August, another person got out of their car to yell at me (because they wanted to pull into my lane which happened to be the on-coming traffic lane and I was in their way, but that's another post). It is a scary situation to have an angry person approach your car.

The senior through my window said, "Are you honking at me?" After a few attempts to communication through my window, I rolled it down. He asked what my problem was. I said, "You are just sitting there." His response, "So?" I said, "You can't just sit at a stop sign." He said, "Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do." I told him, "It's illegal." His response, in all maturity, "Oh, shut up." This point he left and moved his car.

If you must wait for someone, circle around or pull into a parking spot and when they come out go drive and get them. Not such a hard thing. Lanes are for moving vehicles. We also went to Provo twice this week, but I won't tell you those idiotic driving stories.....I'll leave you with this though---should you enter a lane when there is a car where you are trying to go?

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Derek and Annie said...

Amen sista about the dogs. My in-laws have a yellow lab that sits under the table while you're eating and LICKS your feet, legs, hands, anything. So gross!! I'm eating!!