Wednesday, February 4, 2009


On Sunday, after the blessing we were at mammy and grandfather's house hanging out. For several weeks, Kyle has had rough patches on his upper arms. I have thought it was dry skin and been putting a great deal of lotion on it. I wanted mammy to look at it because she is a pediatric nurse and much more knowledgeable than I. I figured she would tell me it was nothing and that lotion was what I should be doing. Wrong!

By the time I remembered I wanted to ask, I pulled up his sleeve to show her....Kyle had large areas covered in angry, raised, red bumps. I took off all of his clothes to see what the extent was. He was covered, both arms, both legs, tummy, and back. Mammy said it looked like hives. We thought of laundry soap changes, new clothes, new food to me, new foods to him, and anything else---there had been no changes. We waited a few hours to see if the hives (mammy's diagnosis) would get better as is often the case. They hadn't. I called the on-call pediatrician and he told me I could give Kyle a dose of Benadryl because it might help if it was an allergic reaction and couldn't hurt. I gave him a dose according to the pediatrician, it turns out that in converting from teaspoons to cc's, I gave him a small dose.

Still this is what Kyle looked like when we got him home that night--it took several hours for the drugs to kick in. He sure slept well.

This is Kyle after we got him home and out of the car seat. He fell asleep on the changing table almost immediately and stayed that way all through getting ready for bed. Imagine if I had given him a full dose of Benadryl.

The next day the bumps were smaller, but still raised although not red. We took him to the doctors. Long story short...80% of the time it is an ingested reaction, 50% of the time you never know why. Keep an eye out and next time take pictures.

But while we were at the doctors we got him weighed. 12 lbs 10 oz! That means that since his four month check up on the 12th of January he has gained 2 lbs 9 oz. That was only three weeks ago. Way to go, Kyle. All afternoon, I told him what a fatso he was and how proud of him we were. My little chunk of a baby.

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Charity said...

Aw poor kiddo. Hope the benedryl is helping.