Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Ball Pajamas

So I've been slowly changing out Aiden's clothes to 9 months. By slowly I mean that I thought about it for 3 weeks and planned on how I would do it, I got Evan to move all the bins into the boy's room from storage (Kyle needs his winter clothes), and now I've just been pulling things out of the 9 month bin as needed. :) It's a process right?

Well last night, in need of pajamas, I opened the bin and found these:

These are 18 month size, but I put them in the 9 month box because they are very skinny and small for that size. Since Aiden still fits in a 6 month, it is just tight in the rise (his arms and legs are still short---and his feet are still in newborn shoes). It is a little big. Mostly his legs don't fit and his feet take up about 1/3 of the feetie. But it fits his width and his arms like how I usually fit my children in their clothes.

This morning, I told Evan what pajamas I had put Aiden in and if he remembered them (he did. Kyle wore them until June of this year). We have always thought that it was crazy---remember Kyle wore this when he was a year, blah, blah, blah---that they are wearing the same clothes but at such different stages in their life.

That was actually Kyle this afternoon. After the laundry came out, I put it on him for fun. Still fits. It is tight and his arms are a little short, but crazy still, eh? He was dancing by the way. So much easier to take a picture of an infant.

Maybe I should put these in my backpack as the extra outfit for both of them :)


Kurtis and Megan Ford said...

Really cute!!

Brittney said...

That's hilarious! It's fun to have 2 kids and be able to compare them.