Friday, November 5, 2010


My mom helped me learn that Kyle can catch. He can.....already. I'm impressed, but don't worry. I don't expect others to be.

He loves to share with Aiden, even if Aiden can't have any of it yet. But I'm just so glad that Kyle loves his little brother. I was worried. Look at Aiden's rolls. My chubby baby.

This is Aiden laughing at Kyle. It was his first morning of really good smiles and laughs.

This is Addison. She's in her blessing gown. She is just the most precious little girl around. Heidi took her wedding dress and had Addison's blessing gown made from it. It was gorgeous. It makes me wish I could do the same for my girls, but alas, no wedding dress for me.

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Mallory said...

I am impressed he can catch. I also thought you should have said on the blessing dress that alas you couldn't make a dress because you have no girls ;)