Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleep Overs

Tonight, the young boys are with their grandparents and aunts. Evan and I wanted to go the to the temple and so the wonderful grandparents suggested they just spend the night and have a sleep over and that Evan and I should just pick them up after church tomorrow when we usually come for Sunday dinner. Fabulous idea. We were also able to go to Carter's alone before the sale ended tomorrow. After the temple, we are now headed for bed at 9:30 (well I am, Evan's doing homework). Needless to say, the first thing I thought of when my mother-in-law suggested the sleep over was all the sleep I could get--I have not been sleeping well which is sad considering that my children sleep at least 11 hours every night, often Aiden sleeps 14 and has since 6 weeks of age. Sleep was not what Evan first thought of though :)

And get this, my sister-in-law was super excited it was a bath night for my kids even. Have I said recently that my in-laws are amazing and I could not do it without them? This is Aiden's first sleep over with them and like Kyle's 6th. It's fabulous.