Friday, November 5, 2010


We had several days last week of weather in the upper 40's low 50's. We even had two days of snow. So that Kyle got snow boots for his birthday and since I don't have rain boots or anything, that is what we used.

(not his boots, mine, in case you couldn't tell :)

He loves his snow boots. He asks for them and to go "walk snow." He would have spent hours walking around our playground in the snow if I had time and let him. Aiden loves the little starfish blanket that allows me to buckle him in and keep him warm--thanks Alyse! Well, maybe I love it for him.


Merry said...

Wow, I think that blanket is ingenious! Is there any way that I can get the pattern for it from you or your friend? :D

The Almond Project said...

So, I am laughing through all your posts. They made my day! You already know this, but Aiden and Kyle are so cute!!