Friday, November 5, 2010

Silver Lake

This is the place where the Volvo quit on our way up to Silver Lake. Luckily, Oliver, my brother-in-law works at the base of the canyon and came to help us out. We were transferring all our things out of the Volvo.

Kyle and Aiden waited pretty patiently while we transferred their car seats over to Oliver's car which he so wonderfully let us borrow.

We had a picnic once there.

Kyle loves Addison. He is helping me keep her company in this picture. He often holds the babies' hands.

I'd never been there and let me tell you I love the fact that it was a board walk. If the pictures would load of our Stewart Falls hike it would tell you why. Let me just say that Evan and Kyle fell of that mountain. But I'm getting distracted. That's another post.

Kyle also collected rocks and would throw them in when the path came close to some water. He loved that hike although by the end he wanted to be carried, but I think that was also because he missed his nap. It was gorgeous too with the wonderful color of leaves and just wonderful scenery.

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