Friday, November 5, 2010

Food--what good is it?

Well kids, the health problems have extended to Aiden and Kyle's have not been resolved by the diet. Unfortunate. It means that we go to the doctors (allergist/nutritionalist, pediatrician, or gastroenterologist) about every week.

Aiden had to be moved to special formula without milk or soy protein. The pediatrician also had us giving him several feedings of rice cereal a day at 3 months. It wasn't working. He was in a lot of pain because of it. But he did love some of the feedings. This is not his first, because I usually fed him when Evan wasn't home, but we did get some pictures of a feeding Evan was able to do.

Kyle is now on steroids. We are going to try to reintroduce him to soy and then dairy depending on how the soy goes. It is possible, now they are telling me, he has early celiac or mild celiac. So depending on how this all goes, we will probably be off of glutten soon and needing to see a nutrionalist, as Kyle already only eats well almost nothing. We would be down to fruit snacks and juice. And he hasn't gained more than three ounces depending on the scale since June.

But both boys have huge circles under their eyes. Kyle won't sleep well and Aiden sleeps about 20 hours a day. However, at three months Aiden weighed 14 lbs 2 oz, which was about 1 1/2 lbs in a month, so they feel we have time with Aiden because he is growing. Kyle is more of a concern as the lack of growth.

I'll keep you all posted. :)


Mallory said...

I hope they can help your kiddos. How stressful to just not know and be so limited in what you can give them and what they will eat.

Sarita said...

Just catching up on your is it certain they have celiacs? If thats the problem it makes such a difference going off gluten believe you me. I hope things work out soon. :)