Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Weekend

These shirts were sent to my boys from my mom. Aren't they cute? It might be hard to tell but they have little spiders and spider webs. Loved them. Look at Aiden's cheekies....they vibrate when they are in the grocery chart.

Addison came to visit on Friday while Heidi and I made soup and pumpkin muffins. She can sit in Aiden's bumbo, even if he can't. She's such a strong girl even and four weeks younger than Aiden even.

Kyle got playdough for his birthday and this was my first time taking it out for him. Only his second time ever playing with it. He liked it, of course, and he had an audience. All the babies were in Halloween shirts.

This was Halloween night. It rained for several hours, but about a half an hour before we were to go trick-or-treating it stopped. It was cold, but we bundled. Kyle had a whole other outfit on underneath and the monkey suit had a lot of padding. Aiden had on three layers under his skeleton. We even dressed monkey as a person---in Kyle's baby clothes.

We only went to 8 houses in our ward boundaries. But Kyle wanted to walk and it was spread through our whole ward boundaries (so not that far) so it still took 1 1/2 hours to make the loop. But we had a good time. If the computer was cooperating, I'd post a video of him saying Happy Halloween.

That day, when I had been telling him Happy Halloween, he twice responded with Happy funny!

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Amy said...

Fun! That is so great that you get to hang out with your sister and her little girl too....