Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleep Overs

Tonight, the young boys are with their grandparents and aunts. Evan and I wanted to go the to the temple and so the wonderful grandparents suggested they just spend the night and have a sleep over and that Evan and I should just pick them up after church tomorrow when we usually come for Sunday dinner. Fabulous idea. We were also able to go to Carter's alone before the sale ended tomorrow. After the temple, we are now headed for bed at 9:30 (well I am, Evan's doing homework). Needless to say, the first thing I thought of when my mother-in-law suggested the sleep over was all the sleep I could get--I have not been sleeping well which is sad considering that my children sleep at least 11 hours every night, often Aiden sleeps 14 and has since 6 weeks of age. Sleep was not what Evan first thought of though :)

And get this, my sister-in-law was super excited it was a bath night for my kids even. Have I said recently that my in-laws are amazing and I could not do it without them? This is Aiden's first sleep over with them and like Kyle's 6th. It's fabulous.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Ball Pajamas

So I've been slowly changing out Aiden's clothes to 9 months. By slowly I mean that I thought about it for 3 weeks and planned on how I would do it, I got Evan to move all the bins into the boy's room from storage (Kyle needs his winter clothes), and now I've just been pulling things out of the 9 month bin as needed. :) It's a process right?

Well last night, in need of pajamas, I opened the bin and found these:

These are 18 month size, but I put them in the 9 month box because they are very skinny and small for that size. Since Aiden still fits in a 6 month, it is just tight in the rise (his arms and legs are still short---and his feet are still in newborn shoes). It is a little big. Mostly his legs don't fit and his feet take up about 1/3 of the feetie. But it fits his width and his arms like how I usually fit my children in their clothes.

This morning, I told Evan what pajamas I had put Aiden in and if he remembered them (he did. Kyle wore them until June of this year). We have always thought that it was crazy---remember Kyle wore this when he was a year, blah, blah, blah---that they are wearing the same clothes but at such different stages in their life.

That was actually Kyle this afternoon. After the laundry came out, I put it on him for fun. Still fits. It is tight and his arms are a little short, but crazy still, eh? He was dancing by the way. So much easier to take a picture of an infant.

Maybe I should put these in my backpack as the extra outfit for both of them :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Epic Fail!

You know when you have one of those days where you just feel like you aren't living up to your responsibilities. That has been how I've been feeling lately.

I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning so I'd have a good start on the day. Well, Kyle woke up at 3:00 this morning, Kyle and then Aiden woke up again at 5:30. Aiden had to be given a bottle (which I think is his right) and didn't go back to sleep until 6:10. So was I up at 6:30, no! I didn't get up until 7:10.

When at the doctors for Aiden's 4 month check-up he gave me a hard time about not continuing with spoon feedings for Aiden, who has dropped from the 75% to the 50% percentile for weight and height. I know that is still good. He weighs 14 lbs 12 oz, but Kyle was consistent in his percentile -2% and I'm a little worried that Aiden has slowed considerable. He also is making notes and is slightly concerned over how floppy Aiden still is.

While we did accomplish some laundry, dinner, huge Walmart shopping trip, and FHE today, it just feels like I've fallen flat. There are a huge amount of projects I have not started on or finished and so many things I want to get done. I also feel like I'm failing with my grocery budget and just not finding enough sales, especially trying to balance Kyle's food allergies with things he'll eat and trying to get the proper nutrition for him.

So today and several weeks---epic fail! Here's to tomorrow, right?

P.S. I know this post is a little whinny---but hopefully you'll all forgive me.

Friday, November 5, 2010

10 New

So Evan is gone tonight, shooting a commercial, so I'm alone and the internet is all mine. Which meant that the photos uploaded so quickly.

I was able to get caught up besides some photos that wouldn't upload and some videos that wouldn't as well.

But I posted 10 new posts. Enjoy!!!

P.S. I actually posted 1/4 of the total posts I've done this year---tonight!!! Crazy.

Halloween Weekend

These shirts were sent to my boys from my mom. Aren't they cute? It might be hard to tell but they have little spiders and spider webs. Loved them. Look at Aiden's cheekies....they vibrate when they are in the grocery chart.

Addison came to visit on Friday while Heidi and I made soup and pumpkin muffins. She can sit in Aiden's bumbo, even if he can't. She's such a strong girl even and four weeks younger than Aiden even.

Kyle got playdough for his birthday and this was my first time taking it out for him. Only his second time ever playing with it. He liked it, of course, and he had an audience. All the babies were in Halloween shirts.

This was Halloween night. It rained for several hours, but about a half an hour before we were to go trick-or-treating it stopped. It was cold, but we bundled. Kyle had a whole other outfit on underneath and the monkey suit had a lot of padding. Aiden had on three layers under his skeleton. We even dressed monkey as a person---in Kyle's baby clothes.

We only went to 8 houses in our ward boundaries. But Kyle wanted to walk and it was spread through our whole ward boundaries (so not that far) so it still took 1 1/2 hours to make the loop. But we had a good time. If the computer was cooperating, I'd post a video of him saying Happy Halloween.

That day, when I had been telling him Happy Halloween, he twice responded with Happy funny!


My mom helped me learn that Kyle can catch. He can.....already. I'm impressed, but don't worry. I don't expect others to be.

He loves to share with Aiden, even if Aiden can't have any of it yet. But I'm just so glad that Kyle loves his little brother. I was worried. Look at Aiden's rolls. My chubby baby.

This is Aiden laughing at Kyle. It was his first morning of really good smiles and laughs.

This is Addison. She's in her blessing gown. She is just the most precious little girl around. Heidi took her wedding dress and had Addison's blessing gown made from it. It was gorgeous. It makes me wish I could do the same for my girls, but alas, no wedding dress for me.

Silver Lake

This is the place where the Volvo quit on our way up to Silver Lake. Luckily, Oliver, my brother-in-law works at the base of the canyon and came to help us out. We were transferring all our things out of the Volvo.

Kyle and Aiden waited pretty patiently while we transferred their car seats over to Oliver's car which he so wonderfully let us borrow.

We had a picnic once there.

Kyle loves Addison. He is helping me keep her company in this picture. He often holds the babies' hands.

I'd never been there and let me tell you I love the fact that it was a board walk. If the pictures would load of our Stewart Falls hike it would tell you why. Let me just say that Evan and Kyle fell of that mountain. But I'm getting distracted. That's another post.

Kyle also collected rocks and would throw them in when the path came close to some water. He loved that hike although by the end he wanted to be carried, but I think that was also because he missed his nap. It was gorgeous too with the wonderful color of leaves and just wonderful scenery.

Gardner Village

Here is SLC there is a nice little shopping area called Gardner Village where all the shops are in old farm houses in a complex. They go all out for Halloween. Heidi, Addison, my mom, Kyle, Aiden and I went in the beginning of October to get pictures of the kids in their costumes.

Isn't Addison the cutest?

We had to switch the sides of the kids because of their natural leaning would help keep them upright against Kyle better.

It gave us a lot of really good pictures. I just love those boys. Kyle was so happy in his monkey suit.

Herriman Lake

Did you know there is cute man-made lake up in Herriman on the mountain side with a beautiful view of the valley? There is.

My mom and I took the kids to play for about an hour one evening. We stayed until the sunset and it got freezing quick--oh and the bugs came out. But it was great that you could drive right up to within 10 feet of the lake so you don't have to carry all the way from your car. Sweet setup.

Aiden stayed in the shade by putting a blanket in Kyle's old swim seat that has an attached shade. He liked it for about 20 minutes and the mesh made it so he could watch Kyle in the water.

It was a sweet spot, although Aiden never made it to the water.

Heidi's House of Fun

While my mom was here, we spent a few days at my sister's house in South Jordan hanging out.

Kyle watched the air popper popping popcorn. Loved that.

He really likes to push my niece, Addison, around Heidi's kitchen in her top of the line high chair. He loves to push. Most days he physically pushes me around the house for fun.

He also got to wear an apron and hat, while the rest of us made applesauce. Cute boy.

Have I told you how good Aiden is? He is. He is getting a little less content since then, but he stayed on the floor mat for about 2 hours both asleep and awake.

State Fair

My mom was in town for the month of September. So she and my sister went to the Utah State Farm. Something that I just didn't care much about. I was able to clean my whole house while he was gone, that was a god send.


My boys love each other. Sometimes too much. But Kyle cannot leave Aiden alone if he can get to him--like on the floor.

Kyle loves to color right now and draw. He also likes to jump. He was both coloring and then taking breaks to jump on our bed that particular morning.

My chub. He is such a happy boy and he smiles the most for Kyle. When he is dressed it is hard to tell how rolly he is---but look at his legs and this isn't a very good picture.

Kyle loves his piggy bank. So I went to the bank and got a dollar in pennies. I gave it to him and went and made some phone calls in peace. Hallelujah!

We tried Aiden in the bumbo---no go. Not enough head strength yet. But Kyle loves to sit in it.