Saturday, February 12, 2011

Evan's Birthday

So way back at the end of January---the 23rd to be exact---Evan had a birthday. He is now 29 years old. This year his birthday fell on a Sunday. So Saturday we had a get together with his friends at a good friend's house, because let's face it we do not have the space for 15 people to come over. Then Sunday morning, Evan was sick. So we had a low-key day with his parents over for dinner of shrimp pad thai.

This was Sunday morning, Evan was sleeping and Kyle was watching TV with Evan's birthday balloon from work.

This is the rubik's cube cake I made for Evan's party. There was going to be a fourth layer, but I didn't have time to make one because there was a lot of medical drama with Aiden the day I made the layers. So it wasn't exactly cube. But Evan loved it and several people guessed that was what the cake was, so I felt good about that. Of course, we did pink decorations and pink candles because that is Evan's favorite color.

I have always hated my birthday. I don't like the attention. However, I have come to love Evan's birthday. And Evan LOVES his birthday. He says there is birthday year, birthday month, birthday week, birthday party day, and birthday day. Whenever there is something that he wants or a break or something, he uses one of those excuses depending on what applies. He feels that January 24th is the saddest day in the world because it means that his birthday is over. I love it because there are all the things that I love about birthdays, good food, good friends, deserts and a date. Now that I am married our birthdays are kind of the same, it's like I get two a year, but now I don't have to deal with the attention on his. I love it. Plus, I'd rather give than receive and Evan is the opposite. So January 23rd is our favorite day of the year. Next year for his 30---I already have things in the work. Let's hope this year speeds by :)

I love that man. As my friend, Alyse, recently expressed, I did get a good one. I did. I'm proud of his accomplishments, his amazing feats of balancing family, work, and church. I know how much potential he has still not even begun to tap in to and I know how far he can go. Especially because I am painfully aware of how far he has come. And it is no small distance. Good man, that Evan. Good man.


Ami, Joel, and Dane said...

Happy Birthday, Evan! I think you're right; he is a good man.

tatton.kirsten.brookelyn.ethan said...

happy (late) birthday!

plus, I just finished a heaping bowl of homemade shrimp pad thai just minutes ago! strange...

Teresa said...

What a sweet tribute to your hubby. Yes, you did get a good one.

Heidi said...

good man indeed