Monday, February 7, 2011

Kyle--The photographer

Kyle has gotten into taking pictures. He always asks to if I take out the camera. Here are his shots, well the best ones at least. He even knew to take one of every person in the room Christmas Eve. And, I now have someone to take pictures of me and Aiden and me with other people when Evan's gone. Plus, I almost think he's better than Evan any way :) Evan just doesn't care.

(after my haircut)

(Christmas Eve, can't blame him that Oliver made a silly face)

(Christmas Eve, after bath waiting for the new pajamas)

(Christmas Eve, Heidi dressing Addison in her new pajamas)

(His new toys Christmas morning, not the night light, but everything else. He loved his Joey magnetic doll)

(Pictures of our family on our hallway wall)

(Aiden and I on a random morning)

(Nana Christmas Day)

(Nana when we got to Portland, early early in the morning)

(When Ekitzel came from China to visit before Christmas)

Besides some angle problems (his is pretty small) and some movement of the camera when he goes to push the button, I'd say he does well. He is only 2, ya know!!


Merry said...

Ah, he is really growing up! Wow!

tatton.kirsten.brookelyn.ethan said...

'does well'? yeah! you bet he does! seriously though, really really good photography skills for such a young kid! brookelyn tries, most times she get a finger in front of the flash or the lens. but the ones she does take well are fun because it's so neat to see the world as she sees it! and in turn, definitely fun to see the world as kyle sees it!

Teresa said...

wow. he does so much better than Halle. Usually she ends up getting my mid section, or just parts of our faces. Kyle's got some serious talent there!

Karalene Ludlow said...

I love to see the world from the eyes of a child. It's all about developing the talents! (no pun intended .. hehe)