Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My son the Frances

So I know that it has been awhile since I wrote last. There are some things going on in our lives, plus the overwhelming amount of pictures taken in December, plus the slow upload to blogger, and of course, my computer is used as a TV most of the day--I'll admit it publicly, we watch way to much TV.

However, I've been thinking about this since we saw a nutritionist for Kyle last week--and two more doctors and a social worker, but that is another story. Kyle has become Frances. There, I said it.

(Kyle and Frances, when she visited last summer, eating s'mores---very fitting)

Frances is our good friend who 18 months ago or so moved to DC. She is a fabulous person and very slim and slender. We love her and miss her. But she eats things like snickers for breakfast and cookies for dinner---not only that, but she just eats a lot. Several of her blog posts are about eating and often include awesome pictures of such meals. Don't believe me, see here. I am not against her behavior---believe you me, I read those blogs and think, "I wish that could be me." In both affording to eat out, the opportunity and finances, but the metabolism too. But now I have my own Frances in the form of a two-year-old boy. Maybe not as witty or mature or knowledgeable about pop culture and Japanese, but just the same eating habits.

The nutritionist told me that for Kyle to gain weight I need to feed him every fatty, high sugar thing I can think of and as much as possible. So this morning, he had brownies covered in milk. His chocolate soy milk is packed with Hersey's syrup to make it higher in calories. I was given instruction to make rice crispy treats every day. He is given three packages of fruit snacks at a meal and we are constantly stocking cooked bacon in the fridge for his every whim. This situation in at extreme odds with my mothering sensibilities. I bemoan that I am feeding him crap---but then think, that is what I am told to do. I also am extremely jealous.

See, Evan and I started our alternative lifestyle after the new year. We joined Weight Watchers. There, I finally admitted it (been too afraid I'll fail and therefore don't want people to know, up until today, obviously). I've lost over 5 pounds and Evan over 8 in the three weeks we've been doing it. Don't get excited, not so sure how long those numbers will grow so fast. But either way, making pan of brownies, milkshakes and such is hard on our new lifestyle (let me repharse that, it is hard on me since I am the one who has to make it and not eat it). And the worst part, he still won't eat all of a brownie or even 1/2 cup of ice cream in a sitting--so instead of finishing it for him, it goes down the sink. I'll keep working on it though. Seriously though, what two year old doesn't eat all 3 cookies on his plate or all the ice cream or all the brownie? What kid?

So now I buy three different menus at the grocery store and cook three different meals 5 times a day. Aiden on bottle, rice cereal, and baby food. Kyle as high calorie as possible, and Evan and I as high in vegetable and fruits and low calorie as possible.

I'm praying this works, but until then I get to feel closer to Frances every 3 hours :) Not so bad if you ask me.


Merry said...

I love that picture!

Dave and I have been doing a no sugar diet, with a one-day-a-week break. It has been really helpful for Dave, but it's such a hard diet to stick to. I feel your pain!

Mallory said...

Wowzers! I am impressed you haven't melted down. I mean making 3 different kinds of meals is really hard and then to boot having to make food you maybe want to eat but can't eat is hard too. I wish you tons of luck that your weight goes down and kyle's goes up!

Sarita said...

I do not begrudge you the job of preparing all that food and then not eating it. I just started Weight Watchers also. It works, in fact my sister and some people are part of some online thing, like facebook for weight loss so we can all support each other. Let me know if you want an invite and you can join in.

Frances is indeed blessed in that area. Gotta love her.