Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

He sits. This morning, he sat on the bed unassisted for about 5 minutes.

Behind the scenes commentary: Kyle is mad in the background because I just got upset with him for saying, "Stop that! Dammit!" Yes, I did just type that. Yes, he does say that. No, it is not from me and the culprit thinks it is funny!

We have actually worked pretty hard at this. We had to put him in the bigger car seat, so then he had to sit in the cart. It has been two trips to the store like that. A the end of the first trip, he was completely laid out over some socks. This week, he held himself up and even used his tummy muscles to steady himself as the cart moved. He has made so many strides. We also put him in his high chair about two weeks ago. from his back on a 30 degree incline he can use his muscles to come into a sitting position.

Although, I am still not sure that I would trust him on a hard surface, he is doing well. Although even the soft ones are dangerous. Right before these pictures Kyle was jumping on the bed, so Aiden fell over, and then Kyle jumped on his head. We are still working on just being soft to Aiden and now we have to learn to be soft to an unsteady Aiden. Goodness.

P.S. All of us just go from one pair pajamas another morning and night. We all love pajamas (although I don't think Aiden cares, but Kyle and I prefer them to usual clothes. Plus, I only have one pair of fleecy pjs for Aiden and I don't want to change him when he wears them because he is soooooo snuggly.

Oh goodness, I actually posted this and forgot to mention that Aiden got two, can you believe it, teeth noticed for the first time last Tuesday. Just little white bumpy sharp things coming through on the bottom. Seriously, Kyle didn't get teeth until 11 1/2 months. Way to be, Aiden. And in good Young fashion, I didn't even know they were coming because neither child shows any changes while teething. I am very grateful. Very.


tatton.kirsten.brookelyn.ethan said...

No signs of teething? You lucky woman.

Yeah, when you figure out how to get the older child to be soft with the younger, let me know. It's been a project since day one for us. At times she's great, and other's, well...not so great.

If I didn't go to class, I would hang out in my 'big girl pants' {as i like to call them} all day. Because really, it's so so comfortable, and not like we need to impress the kids or anything, right? Right.

Jenny Livingston said...

Morgan had 8 teeth at 8 months... and I was in breastfeeding hell.

Love the pics. Your boys are just SO delicious.

Rachel & Darrin said...

Love the smiling pictures! He's a doll!

Merry said...

He's a cute one!