Friday, February 4, 2011

Mommy, More Friends

So I need a little pick me up because I just did our bill pay and budget (my first of two that I do every month). Sometimes it is frustrating, because all though the bank number is up you know in your heart that money is already spent in rent or whatever. Therefore, it doesn't really exist.....anyone else know what I mean??? I'm I just whinny???

So I'm going to post pictures of what Kyle and I did on Wednesday, or was it Tuesday, or maybe last week.....whatever. This is what we did and his hair is just crazy these days.

We played play dough. I've finally allowed him to play with more than one color and I give him my miniature cookie cutters of snowflakes, snowmen, and something else. I was "playing" with him, just cutting out snowmen and he started asking, "Mommy, more friends." I don't even know where he learned the word friend from, he'd never used it before. But I cut out as many friends---he kept asking---as there was play dough and he lined them up proudly each touching hands. I told him we would take a picture, he was excited.

So today when he made a tower of blocks (well like six towers right next to one another) on his little blue stool, he asked for a picture. I kind of regret that I told him I wasn't sure where my camera was and I didn't look. He's cute, but today was a doozy---almost non-stop crying or whining from him; however, I'll try to remember this little lesson for later.

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