Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I wanted to just make sure that everyone knows. This Young family is moving. On Saturday. At 9am.

We are moving to a house on the East bench about one block from I-215 and one block from Skyline High School. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. Our landlord recently bought the house and has done a major massive upgrade of everything: new paint, light fixtures, appliances, windows, AC, furnace, carpet, and I'm sure I am leaving things out. He's also cleaning up the yard. None of these things does he let us forget. We don't like him.

But we love the house. 1 mile from Evan's parents, 1 block from the express bus to the U (see two posts ago), and only a few miles from Evan's work.

We attended the new ward last Sunday. We love it. It is a "real" ward--granted I've only been in 1 family ward (the current one). The seats were filled and the people were friendly. It seemed strong and had children and young women who looked like good potential babysitters.

So until then, I've been working super hard and the only reason that the pictures of our boxes looks so organized is because I removed everything to scrub those floors on my hands and knees while Kyle tried to ride me like a horse and then put them back. I have to pack neat because I've only got so much room for the massive amount of boxes and things we have. I'm filled with anxiety that I won't be ready when everyone shows on Saturday morning. Evan assures me that it will. Here's hoping.

Confession: I have an obsession with sterilite totes. Nothing makes me happier. Nothing is as thrilling as buying plastic totes whose lids snap on or whose handles snap into place. Love them! My heart beats faster for them, in a way that it never has for Evan and I love that man dearly. I wish with my whole heart that Evan and I could afford to buy enough totes to move all our possession in those colorful, beautiful totes. Seeing the rows of those totes at Walmart fills the very depths of my heart with joy.

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Amy said...

Good luck with the move! (and congrats to Evan for getting in to the U!) I wish we were there to help!