Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dyson DC27

So Evan and I bought our first vacuum right after Kyle was born on the day after Thanksgiving sale. We bought it for about $25 at Walmart, it was a little pink thing. It worked well for what I needed. But it broke recently, it smelled like burning and it stopped sucking. My father-in-law cleaned it out of peanuts and Kix cereal. But it still didn't work right.

So I decided that I NEEDED a new vacuum. Evan has a co-worker who buys a new one of the $25 variety every year when the old one breaks. I thought about it and decided against that route. I wanted something that would really work. That would make me feel good about putting Aiden on the floor. Something where you could see the cleaning and something that would do more than just my carpets.

I did some research on refurbished Dyson's. Evan really wanted to get one of the smaller versions with a ball rotation system. Although they are about 1/2 the weight of the larger versions it also has less sucking power. I knew that I couldn't get everything I wanted in one, so I went with the Dyson DC27 Total Clean Upright. It has amazing sucking, is heavier, and therefore, harder to maneuver. But not more difficult than my little pink one was to maneuver. At the touch of a button  you have the ability to turn off the rollers for delicate rugs and such. It also has great extension on the hose.

We got it in the mail and the day before I vacuumed with my old pink vacuum and then used my new DC27. It filled half the container with dirt and debris! I was amazed. It became my go to when I was moving and packing. It is more bulky and after using my dinky pink vacuum, and my arm felt the difference. But we are still talking a vacuum that weighs less than my two year old. It has a wide base, which Evan doesn't like, but I feel like it means less work with a wider base. The hose is FANTASTIC! So long, good suction, and I use it to vacuum out cupboards and draws, edging, dusting off furniture. 

I love my new vacuum. It works out well for me because all our carpet is downstairs so I can leave it downstairs. But because I also use it for dusting, cleaning drawers, and cleaning my non carpet floor and rugs, I'll want it up here too. I told Evan that when we have more money I really want to have one vacuum for every floor and I want all kinds so that I can get everything I want. But for now---this beauty is wonderful.

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Jenny Livingston said...

You have NO IDEA how much I'm drooling right now.