Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Can Do Hard Things!!


I know most of you are thinking, "Come on, Holly! I do that every night," (except Jenny because I've seen her facebook status updates about dinner now that Adam works swing shifts),

Well, ever since Kyle's change in diet I've usually made something for him, something for Evan and I (some times) and Aiden's dinner. I'd link to previous posts explaining that situation--but I'm just too lazy. After three weeks of still not having my kitchen unpacked and living with the bare necessities and forcing my husband and self to live on lean pockets and Kyle on chicken nuggets, nothing new there, I finally routed around until I found the box with the can opener. On a side note (there will be lots with how I feel today): the RS should bring meals around moves, not babies. I can freeze things while pregnant and cook postpartum, but when I have no utensils and no idea where my head is at, that is harder.

I made chicken taco soup that over reduced down and so was more of a stew. I also cut up strawberries and toasted some of the wonderful bread from Great Harvest that the Relief Society presidency brought over to welcome us (they do that here :) Since I've decided that Kyle is no longer on his junk food diet--too difficult for me and our budget. He was offered this. He only ate strawberries and bread but hey. In the effort of moving Alyse found my immersion blender--God's gift to mothers. So I also made baby food out of my soup for Aiden, he ate it! My baby loves cumin. So one easy can opening soup and all four of us fed. Hallelujah!! I also immersion blended some strawberries for Aiden for tomorrow--we are on a roll folks.

In other news, Kyle broke my camera. The hard wood floors are killing me and my routine. Kyle who takes half of our photos (because he is better than Evan and around a lot more) has never dropped my camera. Well he did, on the hard wood. It was a true mistake and not the first electronic to be dropped and broken this week. Hard wood is not as forgiving as carpet. The lens is now at a permanent jaunt and won't go in or out and so the camera just won't work. At least it was 4 years old and not new.

So Evan has been charged with researching a new camera for the family, in the price range I paid before. Even though he won't use it, he likes that stuff and wants what he wants, whereas, I don't really care. If/When we get any loan money for the summer semester we'll be buying a new one.**

**If you want to judge us about that, you can see the beginning of my post here. Look I did link! I just can't believe that it is right to miss the milestones of my child's life (like how I have none of most of that) because we don't have a camera. Tomorrow we are going to take Kyle for the dentist for the first time--no photos now. We could miss Aiden actually crawling and not just scooting back---possibly walking too. And Teresa will never see the pictures of the house once it is unpacked without a new camera. Three whole years or more could be missed. So back off (sorry, it is how I am feeling today).

So I will be catching up on past things with photos we do have---like Christmas. I might also be able to write about what Kyle is doing now---like how he says, "Tomorrow," about everything we aren't doing right now. How Aiden is favoring his blankie over his elephant--the one thing that I have two of. Or how weird this house was remodeled--no need to center the light fixture in the dinning room I like to have my table either skewed or my dinner in shadows.  Lots for everyone to look forward to.


Teresa said...

Do I sense that someone is a little stressed? :)

Sorry we can't be there to help unpack or take the kids. And I won't judge you for buying a new camera because, yes, I do want pictures of the house.

Mallory said...

=( I am sorry you have been having such a hard month. I also don't judge you for getting a new camera. I'd look at DI or online to see if you can get a decent one for not a ton of money, but mainly because the technology changes so fast that in 3 years you will want another camera. I hope April will be a better month for you!

kirsten.brooke said...

i too have a broken camera and am in the market for a new one! oh, and you best believe that it is coming from student aid money. and there is absolutely no shame in that. i would rather use loan money to capture memories/life now, than in the future look back and regret everything i missed!

i wish i could be closer. we could help each other with diet-safe meal planning. nice work getting a meal all four of you could eat. that is not easy!!!

Heidi said...

who cares what you use your aid money for - it's yours - spend it how you, anyone that is judging you much not have anything else to do - what a waste of energy!