Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This is going to be a lame month of posting, I am referring to the lack of pictures, because we are in the process of moving and it has proved to be very time consuming. Probably because I am the only one to do it and I have the two boys, but it is worse because there are only like 2 sq ft of usable space. Okay, I exaggerate, maybe 5 sq ft, everything else is piled with boxes and stacks of things to pack.

So Kyle is getting to that age where he is into noticing the difference between boys and girls and the respective physical differences. Although he still says to me, "Kyle big boy. Mommy big boy." So I know we aren't there yet.

However, today, when I was drying myself after my shower. He said, "What's that?" I thought he meant my belly button. Nope! He meant my boobs. I told him they were boobs, I know not the best word to teach a two year old, but I really don't like the technical terms of things. He said to me, "Boobies have baby, feed." I affirmed his knowledge and was very surprised because I haven't breast fed Aiden since he was 2 1/2 months old (so 5 1/2 months ago). He kept saying, "Boobs have babies." Then he said, "Heidi have boobs." Well, she does, and he has also seen her breast feeding about 6 months ago. So I said yes. He also asked if Monkey has boobs, and alas, he does not.

So now Kyle knows that Heidi and I have boobs.

Eight whole months for Aiden today---18.7 lbs on our home scale. He's been having a rough go and so hopefully it'll get better. He does recognize things, baby food, puffs, bottle (he even knows that word), his bed, and me. He gets really vocal, presses his lips together and makes hmmm sounds when he wants anything--such as from the list above. He rolls both ways and uses this as a way to get things, sits well, gets on his hands and knees, and scoots.


Merry said...


Ami, Joel, and Dane said...

I had no idea you were moving!! Where? Can we help?
P.S. Dane calls boobs "funnels".

Teresa said...

what!!! you're moving? did you find a house to rent?

And begins (the boob questions, I mean). Halle's "observations" have only gotten more awkward as she has gotten older (and more verbal) and I don't anticipate them getting less embarrassing any time soon. Ha, ha! I love that you told him they were "boobs"