Thursday, March 3, 2011

Twinkies & Bruises

So each week, I buy Kyle a different treat to have to help him gain weight. This week we bought strawberry filled twinkies.

Tuesday, I gave him one with his second dinner at 10 am (every meal is called dinner and Kyle tells me about every 1/2 hour he needs it. If I say, "We can't have dinner until Daddy gets home," then the second Kyle see Evan he says, "Dinner time." I should say though that the first meal is not called anything, just, "Kyle needs cereal.") So back to the twinkie, the next dinner, Kyle asked for one by pointing to the box. I stated that he could have one a day. So I told him tomorrow.

Randomly yesterday while playing in the afternoon: "Kyle twinkie mar-dow (tomorrow)."

He also tells me what he wants to eat. I'll say, "Do you want a hot dog or chicken nuggets?"
Kyle's response: "Hot dog! Kyle wants ummmm ummmm, peanuts, ummmm ummm brown crackers, ummmm ummmm apple chips, ummmm ummmm marshmellows, ummm ummm chocolate juice-san (chocolate soy milk), ummmm ummm applesauce (yogurt)." I usually give him what he wants or at least parts.

He also will get the stool to see over the counter to me in the pantry and directs me---"This one! No, this one!" Or he comes in the pantry and does the same thing.

This morning he directed me to a twinkie, chocolate granola bar, fruit snacks, peanuts, strawberry & banana freeze dried chips, brown crackers with peanut butter, and chocolate soy milk. It makes me cringe because not only is it not always well balanced but it is frequently all brown/beige/white food. Luckily his plates are bright and colored. It is the only color food he seems to like.

In other news, Aiden has several bruises on his head. I think it is from him getting on his hands and knees in his crib lunging and hitting his head on the bars. Ouch!

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kirsten.brooke said...

I wish I could survive on Kyle's diet.

Also, the bruiser stage is the worst. I mean, you need to let them learn how to move on their own, but the constant barrage of falls and bruises can be tiresome to deal with! At least for me anyhow...