Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I don't know how accurate these pictures show Aiden's red cheek, because it is bright red. After 10 days of this, 18+ hours of sleeping, decreased appetite, and a fussy fussy baby, I took Aiden to the doctor's. It seems that my sweet baby boy has cellulities. It is a skin infection--most likely as the result of that wicked cold Kyle brought home from nursery which then probably turned into a sinus infection and caused a skin infection called cellulitis in his left check.

Ten days of antibiotics and it should be cleared up. I already can see that he is getting a better appetite, but that might just be from the meds. His check is still red, but I am told it should be getting better soon.

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Mallory said...

Oh sad. I hope everyone gets better at your house super soon, and that your move goes well!

Derek and Andrea said...

Don't we love nursery and the antibodies it helps our children build!! :)