Monday, March 14, 2011


----My day in numbers----
Number of Lunches Made: 1
Number of Hours Evan worked: 12
Number of Word World Episodes Watched: 4 
Number of Boxes Packed: 3
Number of Loads of Laundry: 3
Number of Ounces Aiden Drank: 24
Number of Spoon Feedings for Aiden: 3
Number of Minutes Kids Slept During Nap: 45
Number of Dishes Washed (kitchen is packed-down to basics): 26
Number of Times I Said, "Kyle get off of Aiden!": 7
Number of Texts Between Annoying/Entitled New Landlord: 8
Number of Phone Calls to Current Landlord with No Response: 3
Number of Sticks Kyle Picked Up on Our Walk: 14
Number of Sticks Kyle Told Me He Picked Up on Our Walk: 9
Number of Bedtime Stories: 3

I just keep telling myself it will be over soon and worth it. Anything to be out of this apartment.

1 comment:

scuz said...

uh....moving!? where are you going? I love how organized you do you do it?