Monday, April 11, 2011

Bath Time

Last week there were a lot of big changes for Aiden (he got two more teeth---with two more days away), but we also retired the bath seat. So now, he sits in the bath tub. It makes me really nervous because Kyle has become fascinated with rolling him over, pulling him down, and rocking him and I fear he'll still do that in the tub. But the seat was becoming too small, Aiden would reach for something and almost fall out, and Kyle was trying to pull him out. So far, Aiden being graduated to the tub has been working. 

I love how I was never let in on the secret that kitchen utensils and water bottles are the best toys, and not just in the bath tub. This happened because Kyle stole them from a box. But I am totally on board now.

Seriously, look at how rolly-polly Aiden is compared to Kyle. 

1 comment:

kirsten.brooke said...

I LOVE ROLY-POLY BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

especially in the bathtub...they're so cute!