Sunday, April 17, 2011

ER Bliss

Funny that our second child is the cause of our first ER visit as parents. He started vomiting Saturday, at first we weren't really sure because he does spit up. But during our opening prayer at Avery's going away bash--all the family was there---he started heaving and heaving and heaving. Luckily we were outside and I just held him over the bushes. Most people didn't know.

Unfortunately within two hours he had vomited 9 times. It was mostly dry heaving and some brown liquid. I talked to the pediatrician on call---he suggested because he was an infant, that it was intensely persistent, and dehydration is serious to take him to the ER (it was Saturday night after all). We took him to Primary's. By the time we got there, we were at 12 vomits in 2 1/2 hours. He vomited on the way to the hospital, but during the hour we got checked in and waited to see a doctor---he had stopped. His belly felt soft and perfect, so the doctor had us give him 2 oz of Pedialyte and wait at the hospital to see if he kept it down. He did. We came home. Thank goodness.

This is Aiden finally able to sleep at the hospital after the vomiting stopped. He slept through the night after we got home and has done great today although we are taking it easy with small amounts of liquid and applesauce. The worst is when I could only give him a few ounces every hour and he would scream and cry when the bottle was empty.  

Let's keep praying that this is just a quick bug and no one else is affected.


Mallory said...

=( I hope he gets back to normal super fast!

Amy said...

Poor little guy. We had an ER visit with Peter when he was a week and a half for vomiting, but luckily he was fine by the time we got there. Thank goodness for modern medicine and doctors nearby. So glad he is on the uphill.