Monday, April 4, 2011


 We went to the dentist on Thursday. It was so freakin' fabulous and fantastic. Kyle loved it and he was so good. I am bursting with parental pride and they told me such great things about him---although he has an over bite from sucking his thumb. That is how it goes, he could have one from a pacifier. He also is still young yet.

 The "tickler," she was so kind and told him about how all the tools worked and let him play with all of them. This was the cleaning tool.

Aiden was fascinated by the whole process. All the tools made noise, so......

Tickling the chair arm. 

The squirter, she really let him squirt water all around!

Kyle's squirting. 

The sucker. He used it more like a wand.

Cute patient little brother.

He was getting reclined (when we repositioned him to where he should have been his little feet didn't even come down to the joint in the chair) and the hygienist was going on and on about how wonderful and cooperative Kyle was. She said most two year olds don't do that well---the dentist even went so far as to say that he was well adjusted. They were so kind and wanted to make sure that he didn't get traumatized. They weren't going to do anything that he didn't want. Kyle, like he is with all medical stuff, has no problem letting people examine, poke, and prod him. He did every thing that they wanted, no problem. So compliant. :) Not like he is at home. He wasn't super chatty, he was actually kind of shy, but very good.

The actual cleaning. The hygenist was so impressed that he did it all so well and willingly. He got down from the chair as soon as she was done. But he still talks about the TV in the sky---there were TV's playing movies above the chairs. I told you it was awesome.

The doctor came to count his teeth and examine. The doctor asked me if I wanted it done in my lap or in the chair. I asked Kyle and he wanted to be in the chair. So back in he went and he let them do everything they wanted.

He got the cap for being a new patient, and he got the mask for being cavity free. They took his picture in front of a bulletin board in his get up to add to their collection. Overall, he was amazing and he loved it.

Just a cute picture to end this long post.


kirsten.brooke said...

Holy smokes. I'm proud FOR you! Seriously, he did beyond amazing from what it sounds like!

But, this post does give me hope. I'm going to be taking Brookelyn in this summer for her first visit. I have a feeling she isn't going to follow after Kyle's example.

p.s. Recently I said something about us being closer to create diet-friendly meals together? Yeah, I don't diet-diet, I just meant food allergy friendly diets! Me? Diet? Yeah right. You saw my last post! ;)

Heidi said...

Yay for Kyle - but mostly - holy freakin' cute little Aiden. I love the personality he is getting!

Micah said...

I'm so jealous. Jaden's got his 2nd appointment tomorrow and I know he's going to be awful. He's got me in Parenting 505.

Tiffany said...

That wasn't actually Micah. I didn't realize it was on his account.