Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sixth Sense

I'm in a ton of pain tonight. So I was in the other room while Evan fed the kids.

(rotating, spinning noise)
Me: Kyle, stop playing with your food.
(a few minutes later)
Evan: Holly, does Aiden frequently cry when you feed him (he was crying off and on)
Me: Sometimes, but right now he's happy--his feet are kicking.
(a few minutes later---I'm still in another room)
Me: Evan, are you impressed that I know what is going on when I'm not there?
Evan: Yes, you are more present than I am and you are not even in here.
Me: I have to have some skills.
(a few minutes later)
Evan: (exasperated) Kyle!
Me: Did he crumble up his chicken nuggets with his hands?
Evan: How are you doing that?
Me: Kyle, go to timeout, we do not play with our food.
(Kyle goes)
Evan: Dang it!
Me: Did you leave Aiden's yogurt on his tray?
Evan: He is so handsy.
Me: Yup!

I have to say, I am so good!

In other news, I had the most hilarious night last night at Evan's parents. It involved the kitchen being seconds away from going up in flames, Aiden pulling my dinner off the table and his yogurt into his lap, an indoor water fight, and some erotic posing for family pictures. Yeah, I'll have to tell you about it sometimes. It was even better than the Easter egg jello giggler competition, first discouraged and then encouraged by mom at Easter dinner last Sunday. So funny.

Also, Aiden pulled himself to standing once yesterday and twice today. All three times, he ended up falling over and hitting his head. I guess there is not much that I can do about that, right?

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Mallory said...

I think the 6th sense is a must have for mommas! I am kind of intrigued by your inlaw stories of burning the kitchen almost down and some silly pictures...