Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference Sunday

The first day of General Conference (where we watch apostles and the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints address the members world wide) didn't go as I had hoped. I was interrupted during the morning session by Zoie needing to use my house to film something for her multimedia class. Then I was able to do lunch with the boys and lay them down for a nap and listen to the last thirty minutes uninterrupted.

During the second session (two to four), my landlord came over to install blinds and we only have one radio, so I just couldn't hear and there were way to many distractions. The kids don't exactly stay quiet.

However, Sunday went much better. Kyle was a little distracting, but Aiden slept through the whole second session. In between sessions, Kyle and Zoie even built a snowman. He loved that and really wanted to play more in the snow, but he won't touch it just walk in it. If it touches his skin he has a meltdown in a way I've never seen equaled.

The kids with the grandparents munching on cereal

Aiden loves to eat

The snowman built by Zoie and Kyle 

He loved using the dog ball flinger to scoop snow

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Derek and Andrea said...

Sofie and I built a snowman between sessions too! (It was the only way I knew I could wear her out enough to be semi-quiet during the second session!)