Friday, April 8, 2011

It Can Be Done

So my husband, Evan, the good old Oklahoma boy was raised on steak, potatoes, and gravy. I like good potatoes (mashed that is), but I have never been a fan of the other two. I had about five steaks or less in my life before Evan and I became an item. However, since then, I have eaten steak at least 2 times a month if not more at Sunday dinners with his family. I still don't eat gravy though.

This post is mostly for Teresa, because her husband, Chris, grew up with Evan and they both love their steak. But Teresa and I do not do our husbands too proud, in that we don't really cook a lot of meat and definitely not steak. Once in our married life, maybe over a year ago, I cooked some steaks. They were okay, but dry and I just wasn't that in to them. I have also stooped to make him biscuits and gravy (my stomach hates even the thought) twice in our married life. But recently, I have found myself happy to eat steak at his parents, and I'll even eat it medium rare. Mom doesn't even bother making me chicken any more.

Well, petite sirloin steaks were on sale this week. Some times I buy them and freeze them and use one to make a good stir fry. However, I decided to make steak for dinner. Asparagus was also on sale.....oh my goodness, I LOVE asparagus. So Teresa, here is how to make a fabulous steak with no training.

I tweaked the marinade from for a recipe from a rack of lamb Dijon glaze recipe. So take your steaks, I did four (we ate all of them--even Kyle ate 1/4 a steak). Place in gallon ziplock bag (at least a few hours before the meal): add 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 2 good spoonfuls dijon mustard, a good shake dry mustard powder, 4 cloves smashed garlic (I used a bottle), 1/2 spoonful sugar, good shakes of rosemary---she goes on and on about fresh, but I have a bottle---a good shake of basil, 1 tbsp olive oil. Rub (Kyle loved this) into the meat. All of this was eyeballed. Let it sit in the fridge and remove to come to room temp 1 hour before meal. Put foil over one baking sheet.

Kyle and I snapped the asparagus together. Put foil over second baking sheet. Place asparagus on the sheet, drizzle some olive oil, sprinkle some curry powder and then roll the spears around until they are evenly covered.

Place the steak on the baking sheet, put it on the high rack in your oven and the asparagus in the middle rack. Broil for 3.5 minutes. Flip steaks. Let it continue for another 3.5 minutes. Change the places of the baking sheet (asparagus on top, steak on bottom). Cook for 5 minutes at 375 degrees. Pull out the steaks and broil asparagus for another minute or two. Let the steak rest for 5 minutes. I'd never done that---I thought it was way too red, but after resting it was just right.

Serve and enjoy. Evan even said my steak was better than his mother's---the highest compliment in our house when it comes to food.

I cooked dinner, we ate leisurely and even discussed the government shut-down (I heard about that on Facebook), and I did the dishes (tin foil in the baking pans) all within 45 minutes. Amazing. Try it Teresa, he'll love you for it and rave, who doesn't need that :)


Teresa said...

Holly, you are an inspiration! I cooked Chris steak once. It tasted awful. So here is my question. When your recipe says "steak" what exactly does that mean? I know there are lots of different kinds of steak and some of them taste crappier than others. What is the cheapest yummy cut of meat I can get (I don't want it to be too expensive because I can't stand the thought of spending all that money and then having it turn out awful). But you have given me hope that I can make my poor hubby a decent steak after only 6 years of marriage!

Ami, Joel, and Dane said...

It's funny to me that you see Oklahoma as a land of gravy. I don't see gravy as an integral part of my upbringing. Then again, I'm half-Japanese.
I'm typically bad at cooking steak, too. My most successful experiences have involved buying good steaks and grilling them, though your recipe definitely sounds good!