Monday, April 18, 2011

Train Table

Aiden's Christmas from his Mammi and Papa was a train table. However, we knew that we didn't have space for that in our apartment. So I did a lot of research and knew the one that I wanted, I just needed a larger place to put it in. So I knew when we moved that it was time to order the table. We got the table the first weekend in April. 

Kyle lined these all up

We knew that this table would mostly be used by Kyle right now, but we still called it Aiden's. Evan and I actually subscribe to the thought that the toys are everyone. However, when they are first given they do belong to their owner. This has been a slow concept for Kyle to grasp (every thing has always been his), but he does now get that if he takes something from Aiden he has to give him something else. He has tried this concept on his friends that are two and three---it doesn't work when they are that old :)

I remembered these pictures yesterday when I was looking through the ads for ToysRUs and realized that if I had waited, I would have saved almost $100. But how was I to know it would go on sale in the store--most train tables are not available in store year round, just Christmas. Seriously!!!

We do love it. Evan asks every day, "mommy, play trains with me?" when we go to play though what I do is never what he wants and he can't really tell me what he wants. :)

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Mallory said...

Learning to share is so hard I think especially for siblings. Lenna always wants whatever Kilee has (she only has like 3 toys!). The train table is super cute. Sometimes if items go on sale within like a week or two and you have the receipt they will refund you the sale price. I know Target does but I don't know about Toy R Us. Might be worth looking into.